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How much data do I need?

Have you ever asked this questions to yourself before buying a data card or a mobile data pack? then you're in the right place. Let us know how much time you spend online by simply sliding the bars and we'll work out how much data you're likely to need and recommend the best plan(s) for you.

Select your device.

Estimate your Monthly Mobile Internet use.

Tell us roughly how much data you may use a day by answering the questions below. Simply select the device and our great data usage calculator will do all the hard work for you. These are estimated usage as per your selection.

Such as news, sites, blogging and shopping.
Include uploading and downloading attachment
Such as Facebook or Twitter
Such as SoundCloud, iTunes or Spotify.
Such as banking and travel apps, Skype or Viber.
Such as Google Maps and Map My Run.
Such as YouTube or Vimeo clips.
Using sites like Netflix and iPlayer (Basic video quality).

Your estimated monthly data use: