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Best Quality 4G Broadband Network in India

India's first all IP network
Data-strong network built for 4G Internet
Mobile video network
True 4G covering 18,000 cities, 2 lakh villages
Voice over LTE (VoLTE)
Future Proof - 5G, 6G ready

1. What is Reliance Jio launching

Reliance Industries is launching its fourth generation wireless broadband service under the brand name, Jio. The service is not just about offering wireless telephony service. This fourth generation (4G) LTE service will offer significantly faster data speeds. 

2. What is 4G

Fourth generation technology standards allow to take advantage of more bandwidth and better output. So what has been done traditionally through wired applications can be now done on wireless devices at an equal speed. So consumers with 4G devices can access high-speed data, high-definition voice and do real-time video conferencing. The network also offers superior latency for gaming.

3. Will a 4G connection work on any smartphone

Consumers will need to buy 4G-enabled handsets if they want to subscribe to the service. Since the high-speed data service runs on multiple frequencies, it would need a phone that can seamlessly function on multiple frequencies that are compatible with 4G network. For a full 4G experience, consumers would be better off if they buy future ready handsets that deliver these advantages. The important point to note is that most 4G phones currently available offer only data on 4G & fallback on 2G /3G for voice delivery. But a VOLTE enabled phone will allow voice calls through the data.

4. What kind of data speed can Jio offer on its 4G network

Credit Suisse telecom analysts who have tested Jio's 4G network say they have experienced peak download speed of 70 Mbps during trials, and on most occasions in the 15-30 Mbps range (even on the move). In comparison, Airtel 4G gives 10-20 Mbps (often slower than Jio), and 3G network speeds of sub-2 Mbps (peak 7 Mbps).

5. Can consumers who subscribe to Jio's 4G service make voice calls

Consumers using Jio's 4G service will be able to make voice calls on VOLTE (voice over LTE). Independent experts who have tested the network say VOLTE works perfectly well and interconnection with other mobile operator networks. RJio is operating its network on 1800 MHz and 2300 MHz bands in Mumbai.

6. What brands of 4G handsets would work best on Jio 

Experts claim that RJio has recommended a list of about 20 handset models across vendors that support its VoLTE/4G service. These include RJio's own 'Lyf' branded phones (made by ZTE with Qualcomm Chipset). The other OEMs currently supported include Samsung, LG, Lenovo and ZTE (specific models in each). The cheapest recommended phone currently is the Intex Aqua 4G (Rs 10,000).

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