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Whether you are obtaining a replacement Internet connection or going to switch with other service provider, dig through the maze of data provided may be confusing. Telecoms Supermarket provides you a low-down on a number of the higher choices out there. 

Choose your Internet service provider and plan showing wisdom to save lots of yourself from lots of pyrosis. This data can assist you get around those hidden charges, multiple plans and internet data limits. 
Hathway charges Rs 1,000 for registration and installation. the most cost effective arrange is simply Rs 74 + taxes per month with a 2mbps speed and 200MB transfer limit. Hathway's unlimited plans appear to be too sensible to be true - 5mbps prices simply Rs 899 + taxes. However, a strict FUP limit is obligatory and in this sense, Hathway is much worse than Airtel. 
On the 512kbps unlimited arrange the FUP limit is pegged at 10GB. On the 1mbps arrange, FUP limit is ready at 25GB once that the speed drops to 256kbps. In one among the 5mbps plans with a transfer limit of 5GB, the speed drops to a mere 64kbps once the limit is exceeded.
Airtel classifies internet data plans as fast, faster & fastest. past plans offers 1mbps speed, fastest plans go up to 2mbps and fastest plans area unit 2mbps and higher than. The minimum speed for nonmetro cities is 1mbps whereas metros get a minimum of 2mbps with varied transfer limits. A one-time nonrefundable charge of Rs 500 is charged for electronic equipment and Wi-Fi router installation. Airtel imposes a strict FUP policy on its unlimited internet data plans.
Once you cross your FUP limit, the speed drops to 256kbps for the remaining bill cycle (irrespective of your plan). They conjointly provide a speed on demand service - you'll get speed up to 2/4/8mbps (depending upon what's offered in your area) in hourly intervals. elaborated tariff plans might dissent for choose areas and may be checked on-line.
Spectranet doesn't impose FUP limits on its broadband plans and it's the only provider that list tariffs inclusive of all taxes. Wired broadband is paid and presently available offered in Mumbai. It offers various limited/unlimited plans and night plans. 
The wireless broadband plans provide unlimited internet data transfers - 256kbps plans begin from Rs 399 per month, growing to a most of 2mbps for Rs 1,999.What's fascinating is that with a wireless connection, transfer speed stays at 2mbps no matter the transfer speed - terribly helpful if you share lots of files on-line. Plus, if you purchase a wireless broadband arrange for home, you'll use constant login details at any Spectranet wireless hotspot across the country. Installation is completed among a pair of days of request. presently offered in Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Madras, the most important gripe is that the service is simply offered in choose areas of every town.
MTNL charges Rs 300 for installation/activation and takes a nonrefundable security for the modem - Rs 300 for a normal modem and Rs 800 for a Wi-Fi modem. Post that, they charge Rs 50 monthly for a normal modem and Rs 75 for a Wi-Fi modem. paid plans with transfer limits begin from as low as Rs 59 per month (200MB limit @ 2mbps) for infrequent users.MTNL conjointly offers paid plans with no transfer limits that begin from Rs 599 (512Kbps) growing to Rs three,499 (4mbps).
MTNL is one among the few broadband provider that doesn't apply FUP limits on unlimited plans. offered availble in Delhi and Mumbai. RELIANCE though Reliance is simply offered in choose areas, it offers speeds as high as 20mbps. Starter plans provide 500Kbps speed with no transfer limits for as low as Rs 500 per month. Reliance offers a novel arrange - you'll select your speed arrange on-line, modification as typically as you wish and acquire charged on associate hourly basis. starting from 100kbps to 1mbps. 
There is conjointly a range of different plans with restricted and unlimited internet data transfers from 1mbps to 8mbps. choose areas get the choice of 10mbps and 20mbps plans with Internet data limits of 10 and 20GB severally - once the limit is crossed, extra usage charges apply. Installation charges for Reliance area unit Rs 500 and it conjointly offers a 'PC protect' service for a further Rs 70 per month (essentially a parental management for net usage). They conjointly impose FUP on choose plans -under FUP, speed drops to 600Kbps once the info limit is exceeded.

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