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Reliance Jio vs Airtel

Jio seems to be the buzzword echoing everywhere in
India since the official launch of the services on 5th September 2016. Thanks to the Reliance Jio, now people who didn’t know about Facebook and Whatsapp are more socially active and they talk about 4G. India is a country of emotional people and which place could be better to launch the free 4G sin cards from Reliance Jio. ‘Jio’ means to live in Hindi and everybody seems to be livinis doing with a Reliance Jio Sim card these days.  Even though introduction is not required, I’d like to mention here that Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited , working as Jio is a LTE mobile network operator in India and a wholly owned subsidiary of Reliance Industries headquartered in Mumbai , that provides wireless 4G LTE service network (without 2G/3G based services) and is the only 'VoLTE-only' (Voice over LTE) operator in the country which lacks legacy network support of 2G and 3G, with coverage across all 22 telecom circle in India. 



Now, In this article we’ll compare the services being provided by Jio and Airtel (telecom company with the largest customer base). Reliance Jio created a storm in the Indian Telecom Market by distributing free 4G Sim Cards to the public and it seemed like all other major telecom players like Vodafone, Idea and Airtel etc will be wiped out from the industry.

But Low cost and High Speed promise needs to be followed by consistent performance and there seem to be certain issues with Reliance Jio. As we all know, Airtel is like a well placed batsman in the middle of the ground occupying the number 1 position in the Indian telecommunications Industry and hence below mentioned re few reasons why Airtel has an edge over the new superstar in the telecom sector:

(i) Internet Speed Issue

The internet browsing speed didn’t is not upto the mark as earlier been promised from Reliance Jio dropping down to 0.4 to 5 mbps which is almost half speed when compared to Airtel and hence, this is area of concern. Good and consistent speed is a necessity nowadays to complete assignments on time.   

(ii) Customer Service    

Of course who on earth would not like to avail the free internet services being provided by Jio but this also means more number of customers and hence increased issues. Hence, it is taking way more time to connect to Reliance Jio Customer Care as compared to Airtel.  

(iii) Call drop issues 

Apart from Internet speed, there have also been complaints regarding call drops with Jio which, according to reports had been upto 90 percent even on its own networks. And hence, this is also an area where Airtel is dominating over Jio as call dropping with Airtel is very low.  

(iv) 4G supported handset required for using Reliance Jio services

So, if I have a 3G Mobile handset and want to avail free Jio Internet services, I need to spend money and this spoils the free internet experience. However, Airtel Simcards can be used on 2 G, 3G or 4G mobile users. Hence, Airtel would be preferred by people who want to use services on their 3G or 2G smartphone.

(v) Airtel is a seasoned performer in villages or remote areas

 The actual challenge for a telecom company is operating in remote areas and Airtel has proved itself here as well and has rolled out its 4 G services to 19 out of its 21 circles which is more than Jio. Hence, Airtel is performing nicely in congested and remote areas as well.  

We should not take the above mentioned discussion as trying to degrade any particular company but it is about the challenges faced by a newly launched and already existing telecom companies. It is a well known saying in India that it is easy to buy an elephant but actually difficult to feed and take care of the animal. Hence, Performing consistently is actually a challenge for any company and the Management +ownership of Reliance Jio i would be making its sincere efforts to continue making the customer’s happy. Moreover, All is well that is free 4G sim card and Jio Internet Jee bharke with Reliance Jio.

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