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4G Internet Speed Backward India from Pakistan and Sri Lanka

All mobile network companies are offering one offer over 4G internet. Skills with more data are less in less money. But talking about 4G network speed, India's situation looks quite crisp. According to the report of the Open Signal, 4G downloading speed in India is just 5.14 Mbps. Which is nearly three times less than the global average (16.2Mbps).

Top of Singapore listSpeaking of the most spectacular 4G downloading speeds in the world, Singapore is the top most in this. There is 4G speed 45.62 Mbps. South Korea is at number two, where speed consumers of 43.46 Mbps get Talking about Asian countries, neighboring countries Pakistan is at number 66, while Sri Lanka is at 69. Pakistan has 4G Speed ​​11.71 Mbps and Sri Lanka has 10.71 Mbps, which is more than India.

India at number 74 India's situation is not very good in case of 4G download speed. Speed ​​in India is just 5.14 Mbps, which is much lower than the global average. Talking about the presence of 4G internet in the country, India is at the 15th position in the world. 81.56% is the presence of 4G network in the country, which has improved after the arrival of Jia. In this case India is better than many countries like Australia, Qatar, Canada, Switzerland

Between 1 January and 31 MarchAccording to the report of the Open Signal, this survey was conducted from 1 January 2017 to 31 March 2017. This survey included about 558260 devices. In terms of 3G download speed, the global average is 4.4 Mbps. But its average speed in India is 1 Mbps.
Compared to developed countries, India's position is crispy in terms of internet speed. The responsibility of government and networking companies is to provide better speed to the consumer.

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