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ACT Broadband

ACT is actually short form for Atria Convergence Technologies Pvt Ltd headquartered at Bangalore. ACT started it's operations in 2000 and it's vision is to provide best in class high speed internet to its home and official customers and thereby providing value for their money. Besides Fibernet, ACT also provides Digital TV and HDTV services. ACT provides services in 12 Indian cities including Delhi,Hyderabad,Telangana and Karnataka.
Why choose ACT?
The big the reason to choose ACT over other broadband service providers. So here are few reasons to justify:
1. Using Latest and updated technology
ACT provides high speed and consistent Internet speed to its customers by using latest and state of the
art technology. They have FTTH (Fiber To The Home) to provide a fully dedicated internet connection that can handle speed upto 1000 MBPS.
2. Lightening Fast Internet speed
ACT can provide speed ranging from 10 MBPS upto 1 Gbps as per requirement.In April 2017, ACT Fibernet became first ISP to provide Giga speeds to an entire city in India.
3. Committed Speed delivery
ACT provide what they commit. For Example, if you have 100 Mbps Plan, you will get 100 MBPS. Hence all your family members can work simultaneously while using ACT Fibernet.
4. Upload speed = Download Speed
With ACT Fibernet, we can upload heavy files easily as the uploading speed is equal to the download speed.
Subscribing for ACT Broadband
If you have already made up your mind to subscribe for ACT Fibernet, then go ahead with 3 easy steps:
1. Select the plan as per your requirement to view offers
2. Click 'Enquire Now' after selecting plan and offer your choice
3. We need to fill up the form and ACT team will get back with the best
ACT Broadband Plans Citywise
ACT offers a wide range of plans providing best in class services but here we will be discussing about few select ones.Fibernet Plans for your city can be found at
Plans for Bengaluru
1. ACT Swift:  For monthly rental of Rs 675/- , we get 10 MBPS speed. The upload and download datable limit is 50 GB .Speed after FUP is reduced to 256 kbps
2. ACT Incredible:  At rental of Rs 1999/- speed is 150 MBPS.upload and download data is 350 GB while extra data is 600GB. Speed after FUP is 1MBPS
3. ACT Giga: At Rs 5999/- monthly, we get 1 Gbps speed and upload.  and download data is 1250 GB. Post FUP speed is 1 MBPS.
Plans for Hyderabad
1. A-Max 410 -  At.monthly rental of Rs 410/- we get 15 MBPS and 75 GB Data limit. Post FUP speed is 512 kbps
2. ACT Entertainment-  At Rs 740 monthly, we get 40 MBPS speed and data limit 175 GB. Speed after FUP is 1 MBPS
3. ACT GIGA - At Rs 5999/- per month, we get 1 Gbps speed and 1 TB upload and 1 TB download data. Post FUP speed is 10 MBPS
Plans for Delhi
1. ACT starter - At Rs 649/- per month, you get 20 MBPS speed and data limit of 100 GB. Post Fupspeed is 512 kbps
2. ACT Remarkable - At Rs  2999 monthly, we get. 125 Mbps speed and data limit 1500 GB. Here we also get 900 GB extra data. Post FUP speed is 2 MBPS
3. ACT Phenomenal -  At Rs 4999/- monthly, we get 150MBPS speed and data limit 2500 GB. Extra data is. 900 GB. Post FUP speed is 2 MBPS.
Hence, the above mentioned plans look good but you can personally kcall up the ACT folks and go for speed test in your area before making the final decision. What makes ACT special is the hard work and dedication of its founders and.their vision for providing reliable and high quality Internet speed for its customers.Besides above mentioned cities, ACT also provides service in Guntoor,Karnataka,Telangana and 12 cities in all. Getting in touch with the ACT team personally will make.them know.more about your requirement and budget and they'll to provide the best plan.for you.

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