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Advantages of Cloud Telephony


Cloud Telephony offers a wide range of benefits that could meet the growing demands and needs of businesses.

• Mobility - Receive and Make calls Anywhere, Everywhere- which ensures you stay connected to your office on the move.Today’s workplace is increasingly mobile, and small businesses especially need to be able to operate from multiple locations.

With a cloud-based system, small business employees have access to features that allow them to log in from anywhere so that they can be reached while on the 
go, giving customer-facing and revenue-producing employees greater control over their productivity.
One can easily answer and make calls, forward calls, redirect calls, make the conference and much more. This is predominantly significant for dynamic businesses, where employees used to work on the move.

• Simplicity – compared to maintaining an in-house PBX in ease of Installation and Configuration.
Cloud telephony requires no on-site equipment. That means you don’t have a PBX (private branch exchange) box taking up space in a closet, or feet of copper 
wiring in your walls or cable ducts.Plus with no physical hardware, frees you from ongoing maintenance and upgrades. With the hosted cloud solution, all back-end changes are handled immediately 
and in real time.It’s instant and easy.

• Scalability- Proprietary systems are easy to outgrow, adding more phone lines or extensions often requires expensive hardware modules in physical system. In 
case of multiple offices/branches, it offers multi office centralized PBX.
If your businesses have moved on to Cloud Telephony, you do not have to invest today for tomorrow. Once you buy a solution for business, it is scalable and 
can be used in any other platform or expanded environment. Modern systems are efficiently scalable to meet any future growth in an organization. 

• Productivity- offers ease of management by providing a web-based configuration interface allowing you to make the changes yourselves when required.Moving your communication to Cloud Telephony will let you have more precise control and access to both the connected devices and valuable data. Once your business phone numbers are hosted in the cloud, they can be accessed from any part of the world. The data moves along with you wherever you go and hence there is no chance of data loss.Apart from the traditional on premise solutions, the quality hosted solution will ensure a user-friendly interface, with a consistent look and feel across multiple platforms. Users have full control over the extension level call forwarding and also the system administrators are able to make changes to certain features like Auto Attendant and Ring groups.The greatest advantage is that you never have to employ another person to make any changes to the system. These changes can be made while travelling or even when you are in a different country. Without long lead times and great ease in changing call routing or password reset, Cloud Telephony appears to be more efficient for businesses.

• Flexibility – when you only pay for the capacity you need, which you don’t have now.
As a business grows, so does the need to hire new employees, open new offices and onboard new customers. This requires a communications system that can scale up — or down — as the need arises.
With a cloud-based phone system, businesses can add as many extensions as they need to accommodate high call volume, or, if necessary, simply to deactivate extra extensions. Unlike traditional systems, businesses only pay for the extensions they need for as long as they need them.
Whether your office is located in a single building or scattered across the country, cloud telephony makes it possible for everyone in the organization to operate on a single communication system. Cloud PBX gives you one business number with multiple extensions and departments – all configurable from a your portal.

• Business Integrations - Cloud-Connect integrates Voice, Video and Data Sharing into a single platform and integrates it with enterprise’s office automation 
suite, thus eliminating time consuming and costly multi-vendor interface. 
Business tools that operate in the cloud are easy to deploy, enabling employees to stay connected whether they are in the office or on the go. Hence Cloud PBX provides a consistent business presence and helps to increase productivity with seamless access to CRM tools, email, instant messaging, voice and videoconferencing.

• Cost Efficiency- because you don’t have to spend more than you already are on your existing setup.
Cost savings are another benefit of cloud-based phone system.Upgrading from physical PBX platforms to the cloud telephony are relatively less expensive as compared to a traditional system, helping to reduce costs and ultimately increase profitability.Cloud Telephony helps to reduce costs without reducing quality. The price of the initial hardware & set up cost in a physical pbx system can be exorbitant for all small businesses. Not only the initial hardware expenses, cost also incurred in maintenance, upgrades and repairs in the course of duration.By switching to a Cloud Telephony system one can reduce the hardware costs since that will not be required & thereby can save the maintenance costs, SIP Trunks, IT overheads and so on. You can manage your communication at a fixed monthly cost, that too within your budget.
Cloud Telephony is being adopted by all modern businesses and benefiting from the advantages. For a better tomorrow, better technology and savings cloud telephony is highly recommended.Cloud Telephony is the solution for all communication systems in a business that can bring you great Return on Investment.

• Technology -Cloud Telephony is the technology that moves your business phone system to the cloud. Cloud PBX is a voice service that replaces the need for the conventional business telephone system like – PBX, EPBAX, IP-PBX etc. The scenario for cloud telephony India is changing fast, which entails more engagements for your business.Using Cloud telephony for your business allows you to make and receive multiple calls & SMSes simultaneously, without having to invest in any additional infrastructure. Services like IVR, Call Recording, Bulk SMS, event based calling, etc. are only some of the many features cloud telephony has to offer.

Cloud Telephony facilitates end users to use their Smart devices such as mobile phones, laptops, desktops and tablets as a replacement of traditional desk phones for voice communication through an app. User may use standard SIP Phones also as an end user device.
Additional applications such as enterprise email and messaging , desktop sharing & collaboration, web and video conferencing & work-stream collaboration are offered in the Professional and Enterprise editions of the Cloud Telephony & Collaboration End-User App.

Quite simply put, cloud telephony is the smartest way for you to manage business calls without compromising on quality and cost.


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