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Airtel Vs Vodafone

Customers are always on the lookout for best possible services at minimum possible rates and this is one common area where the leading telecom players compete with each other.When it comes to talking about the top internet and mobile communication service providers, Airtel and Vodafone are the names that click in our mind. Hence, these two companies had been occupying the top 2 positions for a long time now and are favourites for most of the subscribers.

The main points of comparison between the two service providers are :
  1. Network coverage Area
  2. Cost
  3. Connectivity & Internet Speed
  4. Customer Service
1.  Network Coverage Area
     A larger area covered under the telecom company network would definitely mean a larger customer base and hence more scope of revenue. More customers can subscriber for the services provided. In terms of 3G, Vodafone has good network area but Vodafone 4G is covered lesser when compared to Airtel. Moreover, in terms of consistency, we received better feedback for Airtel providing consistent signal strength to the user. Airtel signals were good while travelling as well and there were few problems with Vodafone in times of changing climate. Hence, In terms of Network coverage, there is close competition but still, Airtel provides a better service in return for your money.
2.  Cost
All of us agree to the commonly followed universal truth regarding ‘pay more and get better services’ and this is the case here also as Airtel services are costlier. While comparing with Vodafone plans and other telecom companies , we’ll find Airtel costlier .Hence, Vodafone recharge plans are economically priced than other recharge plans of other telecom companies. We can also contact the Vodafone customer care  for more details.
3.  Connectivity and Internet Data Speed:                                       
After VOIP wave, Mobile is seen more of an internet device rather than normal telephonic communication and hence become a vital part of our everyday life. From our checking emails to voice chatting with our loved one’s, we need good internet connectivity and speed. Again with 3G service, Vodafone is a good choice but Airtel dominates in stream of 4G. There have been varying consumer experiences citywise like in Pune,  common users of Airtel and Vodafone suggest to go for Vodafone over Airtel due to inconvenience they faced accessing internet while in Mumbai, , Airtel 4G data speed is found to range from 25-30 Mbps to 50 Mbps while Vodafone data speed ranges from 10-15 Mbps to 30 Mbps only.

     4.  Customer Service
Just like the word of mouth advertising is considered the best for any product or service, the best feedback for a customer service of a telecom company comes through personal experience of a customer. People say what they feel about a particular service and in telecom industry, it matters a great deal. Even though both Airtel and Vodafone have done their best in order to provide good customer service experience and individual cases could be different, but Vodafone being a multinational company and headquarterd in U.K. is percieved as a better customer service provider.
Hence, we cannot decide which one is the best just by comparing on the above parameters and here we’re just talking about the common things which a customer wants in the services they’re buying in return for their hard earned money.
Airtel has by far, one of the worst customer interface. On that front, Vodafone is a notch better, but is not the same as it used to be. In terms of network, it is a fact that Vodafone has 4G in far lesser circles when compared to Airtel. Quality of Vodafone networks used to be extremely good until last year.
Conclusion: summarising the discussion, Airtel is found to be better than Vodafone on major of the parameters like network overage area and internet data speed as well while Vodafone dominates Airtel at cost. User must have to compromise in any of the parameters either the cost or the service/ facility.

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