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Be careful, stealing the balance of your smartphone Xafecopy virus

If you are a smartphone user then you have great news. In India, one such malware Trojan is detected which steals money from users' smartphone. Kaspersky Lab has revealed this. Lab has said in its report that 40% of smartphone users are affected by this Xafecopy virus in India.

The Kaspersky Lab report says that the virus named Xafecopy is misplacing people's mobile balance and is saving their account details. Xafecopy Torzon malware is accessing the phone through some mobile apps. According to the report, this virus is accessing the phone via an app like BatteryMaster and putting suspicious coding in your phone.

According to the report, this virus secretly starts a service on your number and instead of the money is withdrawn from your balance. Also, this virus is bypassing the captcha system. It provides information to mobile service provider companies that the mobile user has started the service.

More than 4,800 users in 47 countries of the world have been affected by this virus. Of these, 37.5 percent of the attack has been blocked by Kaspersky Lab. The Lab has advised users that in addition to play store in any event, do not download the app from anywhere or from third parties.

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