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Benefits of Internet to small business

Internet has changed the way business was being done in India. A few years ago only, we couldn't find small shop owners and street side vendors using online payment techniques. Moreover, the digital India initiative by the Current BJP government and demonetization drive opened New horizons for ecommerce in the country. Now,talking about Internet, it is being used in business as well as E-payments. For example,you might be running a restaurant but offering online or atm card/net banking  payment services to your customers.Hence, here we need Internet connection for going to payment gateway.Now,another thing is running your business online and various examples these says are, fair etc...
Hence, as discussed above, Internet was not very common with small business.particularly in India due to a perception about Internet access being an accessory or extra kind of thing. Moreover, Internet was not very common till the entry of private telecom players like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea and Reliance etc..So, as Internet was accessible easily and economically, then more people started making using of it in for commercial purposes. Young entrepreneurs with innovative startup ideas have made the most of the internet platform. From market research to product launches to marketing campaigns, Internet has changed the way of doing business.
Business possible with minimum space  
Nowadays in different Indian Metro cities, small companies are being run in shared business spaces with help of computer and Internet. For example, if I want to start a fast food home delivery business, I can get a business application designed by web developer and through Internet, customers can place orders according to their choice from the menu. Hence, the delivery boy Will get the notification on their mobile with internet access and can contact the customer for address confirmation  of order delivery. Hence, with help of internet, whole process becomes automated and time plus cost saving in the process.Hence, customers these days can order their favourite products and services from comfort of their homes or offices.  
Cost cutting and global presence  
With help of internet, the small businesses are able to make themselves reach a larger customer base.Data mining and access to customer details like phone numbers and emails has become possible. Internet revolution with companies like Jio has made internet available in almost every home in India.In the every day hustle and bustle of busy lives, customers want to save their time and money and Indian businesses have made their best attempts to cash on it. Internet supported small businesses have also become a source of employment.A lot of companties are hiring freelance workers and getting the work done on contractual basis. A great deal of scope in content writing and digital marketing with help of world wide web. Hence,  small businesses have benefited a great deal by making use of Internet and this has only.contributed To Digital India initiative. 

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