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Benefits of Taking a leased line for your business

As the name suggests, Leased Line is a rented line taken mostly by Commercial entities for purpose of High Speed Internet and upload speeds.While working principle for Broadband and Leased Line connection is almost the same, there is considerable difference in speed delivery.We can understand this by an example. If you have a broadband internet line coming from Telecom exchange to your building it gets distributed between say for example four users in your building.So obviously the speed would be reduced as bandwidth gets divided.But in case of Leased Internet line, if you have 50 Mbps line for your company, then you get the full speed but it depends on your requirement and you can divide the usage according to your requirement. For example, you can keep 10 MBPS for Internet and allocate the rest for like communication and data sharing between different buildings. How well you allocate depends upon your company technical people and network engineers.
What is leased line technically?
Speaking in technical terms, Leased Line is a type of private telecommunications line which has a bidirectional or symmetric face.Hence, Leased Line is a fixed bandwidth line and is generally used for business purposes in order to connect offices  at different geographic locations.Moreover, telephone number is not required in case of Leased Line and each side gets permanently connected to the other.
Benefits of Leased Line
Leased Line connection have helped a great deal in running modern day businesses smoothly. It's speed ranges from 64 kbps to 10 Gbps. Moreover, we don't need to dial-up or connect the internet again and again. Once connected, the leased connection remains always active unless there is any technical issue.Another big advantage to businesses using leased line connection is that employees can connect to their computer or laptops from home and work from there. The official files are generally heavy and the leased lines being symmetrical and hence, there is equal download and upload speeds.So, the heavy files can be uploaded easily through leased line connection.The Leased line connection are also safe and.only authorized Person can.use it.Hence, Leased Lines are also used to link PC's and Servers in.different corporate offices for sharing data and other official works.Carrying phone calls(Voip) is also a function of Leased lines.
So folks, above mentioned are few benefits of Leased Line connections and we can use it more efficiently by understanding it more technically just like better understanding of car engine makes you a better driver.
So, go.through all the features and benefits and feel free us at Telecoms Supermarket India through chat or voice call, whichever makes you more comfortable. But for your business, Leased Line is the best is a dedicated line and gives you better speed and connectivity.


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