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Den Broadband

Indian youth is restless and want to be on top of the world in every stream and as we know that Internet today has become an important aspect of our lives. Everything today has gone online and therefore the need for high speed internet is more than ever. Den Broadband also called as Den boom band is the perfect choice for people needing fast internet access. Boom word represents something instant and revolutionary and never seen before and associates with today's Indian youth. Hence the company was inspired to name their internet broad band as Den boomband.
Super fast downloading speed and zero buffering
While using Den boom and, you can download your favourite videos at super fast speed and there is no buffering as normally happens while running videos on internet. Den Boom and uses Docsis 3.0 technology which is used all over the world for high speed Internet.
Den Boomband Internet  recharge plans
Although there are various attractive plans from Den Boom and, the best one seems to be the Rs 666/- . In which we get 60 GB of data at speed of 5 Mbps.Well, 60 GB looks more than enough and using it monthly at rate of 2 GB per day will be sufficient for home users. There are other plans as well for Rs 777/-, Rs 888/- and Rs 999/- as follow :

Rs 777/- plan-  validity 1 month-  data =120 GB- speed 20 mbps

Rs 888/- plan-  validity 1 month- data = 150 GB - speed 20 mbps

Rs 999/- plan-  validity 1 month-  data. = 180 GB - speed 20 mbps

Rs 1200/- plan validity 1 month-  data = 30 GB - speed 50 mbps

Rs 1333/- plan validity 1 month-  data = 75 GB speed 5 mbps

Rs 1600/- plan validity 1 month- data =50 GB - speed 50 mbps

Rs 1999/- plan validity 1 month-  data =210 GB - speed 20 mbps

Rs 2100/- plan validity 1 month-  data = 100 GB - speed 50 mbps

Rs 3500/- plan validity 1 month-  data = 100 GB. - speed 100 mbps

Hence, we have different Broadband data plans from Den and we can choose from them according to our needs. We can get more details from the Company customer care before choosing the required plan and consult the company representatives. 

DEN BROADBAND CHEAPEST PACK =>  5mbps speed with 60GB data price at Rs.666 


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