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Dreamtel Broadband

Your goal should be clear if you want to achieve success in what you are doing. Hence, Dreamtel is moving well on the path of achieving their aim to be one best Voip and Internet services provider not only in India but all over the world.Dreamtel is mainly based in Punjab and has ISP licence for PAN Punjab but they have international offices as well in UK, Singapore and Hong Kong. In India,the offices are in Jalandhar, Gurgaon, Amritsar and Ludhiana. The detailed contact address is available on Dreamtel provides best in class customer service and you can reach out to them at For technical issues or queries the email is
What is Dreamtel Actually? 
The provider Dreamtel is actually registered as Apna Telelink Pvt Ltd. It is a venture of Dream weavers group and is a leading provider of Internet and Internet Telephony Services. Dream tel have a great talent pool with expert technical staff having domain knowledge and they use latest technology and fiber optic in order to provide high speed Internet to both personal and.corporate customers.They also have the latest MiMo and OFDM technology offering incredible communication and Internet services.Dream tel is providing Internet speed up to 100 MBPS and its vision is to provide smooth and flawless Internet services to customers.

What to do for getting Dream tel connection? 
It is simple. just logon to their website and.go to new.connection tab. We.need to fill up the form with.basic.details like Name,Mobile No,Email ID and City.We need to choose the service which we are interested in and then submit.The company representatives will get back to you soon.
What Products does Dreamtel offer to its customers? 
Dreamtel has internet services for both home users and corporate users. It offers leased lines.for the corporate sector as more unbreakable speed is required and.the internet service offered through leased line is in ratio 1:1 which means it is not shared.We''ll discuss some of dreamtel broadband plans as.under:
D2499 - The plan cost is Rs 2499 monthly with speed 10 MBPS up to data limit of 50 GB + static IP free.After 50 GB speed is reduced to 1 mbps.
D2199 - At Rs 2199 monthly, the speed is 6 mbps till data limit of 100 GB and free static IP.After that speed is reduced to 1 MBPS 
D1799.  - For Rs 1799 monthly, speed is 10 mbps till data limit of 50 GB + free static IP. Then speed becomes 1 mbps.
D 1499 - 40 GB + static IP free.Speed is 10 MBPS and after limit, speed becomes 1 MBPS 
D1199 - 12 GB + free static IP. Speed is 10 mbps and after limit is 1 MBPS
D 999 - Data limit is 40 GB + static IP free. speed within limit is 4 MBPS and after limit is 1 MBPS
D 999  - Data limit is 30 GB + static ip free. speed within limit is 6 MBPS.and after limit is 1 MBPS 
D799- On payment of Rs 799 per month, you have 4 options 
1. Plan 1- you get 40 GB Data at 2 MBPS speed after limit speed is 1 MBPS
2. Plan 2- You get 30 GB Data at 4 MBPS speed and after limit speed is 1 Mbps 
3. Plan 3- 15 GB Data at 6 MBPS speed and after limit 1 MBPS 
4. Plan 4-  8 GB Data at 10 MBPS speed and after limit 1 MBPS 
Hence, we see as the data limit is decreasing, the speed is increasing and vice versa
D699-On Payment of Rs 699 monthly, the plans are as under: 
1. 2 MBPS speed till 30 GB Data usage and after that speed is 768 kbps
2. 4 MBPS speed till 12 GB. Data usage and after that speed is 768 kbps
3. 6 MBPS speed till 10 GB and after that 768 kbps
D 599- Rs 599 monthly Plans are as under: 
1. There is 20 GB Data at speed of 1 Mbps and 512 kbps later on
2. 15 GB Data at speed of 2 Mbps and 512 kbps after that
3. 8 GB Data at speed of 4 Mbps and 512 kbps after that 
So, In above plans we observe that when speed is increasing, the data limit goes down. Dreamtel uses hoping technology in order to use the best frequency for providing high speed internet to its customers. Moreover. As per customers reviews, the quality of service is excellent.
An important point worth mentioning here is that customers using.static IP are able to get advanced Internet features. 

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