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Features and Benefits of Bulk SMS

Sms and Advertising have come a long way together with the advancement of telecommunications technology.Before invention of Bulk Sms system, it was quiet a long and difficult process to reach out to such large number of people by simply pressing your phone key.
What is actually Bulk Sms?
Bulk Sms is when we send a certain text message through phone to more than one people or a group at a single time. It helps in saving a considerable amount of money and.time in.sending each message individually.For example, we need to tell about a new broadband plan of our company to around 500 people and hence through bulk sms feature, we can send the sms in one go and all of the recipients will get it separately on their phones.
Benefits of Bulk Sms
1. Economies of Scale
First major benifit like discussed above is saving on your money and.time.Bulk Sms is like buying a family pack where we save money  per unit of product.Nowadays, there are thousands of companies providing bulk sms services in various cities of India.
2. Regional Language factor
Another benifit is that business promotion cam be done through sms in regional language like Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and Bengali etc.This makes it easier for customers to understand the message clearly about the product or service and what is their gain in buying it.
3. Customer's can respond according to their convenience.
The telemarketing calls can be really annoying particularly when we are busy with some important work.Hence, this leads customer who might never pick up your phone again. On other hand, Sms service gives time to your target  customer to read the message in their free time and you never know if they are in good mood and.become interested in your company product or service.
4. Better explanation of product details
It is not possible to explain in.detail the features of a particular product or service verbally over phone or even personally at times.we might miss out on few important points as well. Hence, in case of written text message, we can narrate the details to customer and cross check message before sending.
5. Increased chances of Sale
The more the number of target customers, the larger is the probability of sales as if we send to around 500 people, the probability is that at least 50 people are going to respond and out of them at least 15-20 could turn into your revenue generators. Moreover, with bulk sms feature, we can keep opening the message again and again. So, if.not once, people might read it second or third time.
So folks, taking in mind the above features and benif its, we at Telecoms Supermarket India suggest you to subscribe for bulk.sms service for promoting your business products and services but beware of fraudulent and unethical group of people or companies as they don't deliver what they promise. Any ways, the team at Telecoms Supermarket India is ready 24x7 to


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