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Fibre Optic is The Spectranet

If you are thinking about the Fibre Optic Internet, then don't go for anything less than Spectranet. So folks, your guess about the name being new is wrong as Spectranet has been serving both home and enterprise customers for more than 14 years. Spectranet offers unlimited internet at speed of 100Mbps to home users and 250 MBPS to commercial users. The usage of Fibre optic cable by Spectranet is the base for high speed fluent internet access to users.Moreover,the Fibre optic internet has more data carrying capacity and hence no slowdown.Headquartered in Gurgaon, Spectranet has Indian base with its operations in Delhi NCR, Mumbai,Chennai,  Bengaluru and Pune. The company started in year 2000.

What does Spectranet Offer?
Apart from Fibre Optic Internet, Spectranet is licenced to offer National and International long distance services pan India. Spectranet is a well managed professional company.and its directors are Edit Mehrotra and Nitin Mehrotra.Spectranet is one of Indian customer's favouriteams Telecom service provider and it has also won the national award for ' Innovative Solutions for mobile Data'.The system allows Mobile smartphone users to automatically get logged in and out in Wi Fi hotspot areasand saving time for entering username and password each time.Spectranet has also deployed Wi-Fi network at over 1000 hotspots across six metros Delhi,Mumbai, Bangalore,Kolkata, Hyderabad and Chennai.
Few attractive Home plans from Spectranet are as follows:
1. At price of Rs 1849 monthly, unlimited data at speed of 100 Mbps(Spectranet Entertainment plus plan)
2. At price of Rs 1549 monthly, unlimited data at speed of 100 Mbps ( SpectranetEntertainment plan)
3.  At price of Rs 1249 monthly, unlimited data at speed of 100 MBPS ( Spectranet Unlimited Internet Plan)
4. At price of Rs 899 monthly,150 GB base plan volume at speed of 100MBPS ( Spectranet 150 GB base plan)
Although the above mentioned 3 plans seem to offer the same speed, the plan With higher fees will certainly have advantage over others. Moreover, the dedicated team of expert customer care is always ready to help you choose the best plan as per the requirements.
Few Attractive Business plans from spectranet are as follows:
1. Broadband 700-  This plan offers 700 GB base plan at speed of 100 Mbps with 3 GB always on speed at price of Rs 7000
2. Broadband 650.-  This plan offers 650 GB base plan at speed of 100 Mbps with 3 GB always on speed at price of Rs 6000
3. Broadband 750.-  This plan offers 750 GB base plan at speed of 100 Mbps with 2MBPS always on speed at price of Rs 6000
4. Broadband 300.-  Here we have 300 GB base plan at speed of 100 Mbps with 2MBPS always on speed at price of Rs 3000
 Hence the above mentioned plans are not all from Spectranet and we can get in touch with representatives regarding the details.Spectranet has come a long way in winning hearts of the customers and you can definitely give its fiber optic broadband a try if not used till date.Actually hands on experience is the best thing as marketing efforts always show their product to be best. The company has been focusing on home users during last 3 years by providing high speed internet at economical prices. 

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