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Get ready for Additional Benifits of Jio FTTH Broadband

Hence, from the above mentioned news about the FTTH lunch by Jio, we can expect the high speed Fibre Broadband to be accessible by a major chunk of Indian population. I expect this to be a nice deal for commercial purposes because high and stable internet speed is required for business and office use. How the whole thing turns up is yet to be seen and there could some coverage area challenges as well as regulatory and infrastructure hurdles. But Mukesh Ambani’s Jio can work out effectively to handle these challenges in the Indian Market. For example, the call drop problems with Voice calling in 4G handsets have come down considerably.

Additional Benifits
As per sources from Jio, the Fibre Broadband will come at different tariff rates starting from 100 mbps to maximum of 1000 mbps (1GBps) as of now. This looks similar to low rates of Jio 4G sim cards and it is like penetration pricing aiming to capture the market share. Well, what comes additional to the high speed internet will be exciting for customers. Smart calling is a feature that would be bundled and come as add-on with the FTTH service. Smart calling is will connect all available landline and mobile phones in subscriber’s home and we can answer calls coming on the fixed landline through our mobile and vice versa. Hence, no need to walk up to your fixed telephone set. But this smart calling facility is not mandatory and it will be customer’s choice to opt in or opt out of this add-on service.There are plans by Jio to provide other bundled services with FTTH which include home surveillance, smart camera, home automation, smart locking, smart doorbell and chime alarm. The  best part is all these services could be managed through your smartphone. 
Hence, we can expect this launch to be deployment of Internet of Things technology on large scale for first time as per information sources. 
Pricing will play an important role in the  implementation of Jio’s Fibre Broadband and if Jio can offer high quality speed at lowest possible rates, then existing Internet service providers would be left with no other option than to lower their prices. The end result would benefit the end customers as  a result. 

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