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Gigatel broadband

If you are wondering about what is Gigatel, It is one of the best quality Internet service provider in Delhi.  Ltd..Hence, if you are one of Delhiites, then Gigatel is the best option for you and moreover, they have different range of plans from Rs 599/- per month to Rs 899/- per month depending upon customers requirements.The speed is lightening fast as per user reviews and available at affordable prices.We''ll be talking about the various Gigatel plans in this article. As I have been mentioning earlier in my articles about testing the ISP broadband speed yourself before making the deal .So folks, in this age of technology, you just need to give a call and.the representatives from Gigstep will give you a test ride of their high speed internet and you and upload whatever you Wish to check with ISP.
Most of plans are providing unlimited data at different speeds as mentioned below:
Rs 599/- plan
On taking this plan for Rs 599/- per month, you get unlimited data including.voice and video calls etc at the speed of 20 Mbps. Well this doesn't look bad to me and you can also give it a try.
Rs 699/- plan
This plan as per. reliable sources of information is only for residential purpose and we get unlimited data at speed of 50 MBPS. Well,looks speedy and without slowdown would prove useful.
Rs 899 plan
You want more speed.and then.need to shell out more bucks .So here you get 75 MBPS unlimited data at price of Rs 899 per month.
Rs 999 plan
Pay Re1 less than Rs 1000 and you get 100 MBPS speed and unlimited data with Gigatel. 
The above mentioned plans are few of the 30 different internet broadband plans to choose from. Moreover there are other rental costs such as
Rs 75 per month for Fiber to the Home (FTTH) modem
Rs 75 per month for WiFi Router (150 mbps)
An important point here is all above plans are exclusive of taxes.The plans are for residential use and foe Gigatel's own network only. For corporate use, high speed dedicated internet leased lines are available from Gigatel. Interested people can send query by signing up on their website.
There are add-on packs also available from Gigatel as mentioned below:
Another notable feature of Gigatel is availability of Wi-Fi Hotspot at select locations and we can choose hotspot according to data or time as mentioned below:
Data  - Price
1GB  -  Rs 125
2GB.  - Rs 225
5GB   - Rs 425
10GB - Rs 725 
Time    -  Price
30 min -  Rs 25
60 min - Rs 40
120 min- Rs 60
Hence, the hotspot facility is advantageous are travelling or not carrying your router with you but need to access internet.
According to user reviews,  Gigatel is one of the best Internet Service Provider in South Delhi.In fact, I also have few friends in Lajpat Nagar and East of Kailash who are happy using.Gigatel.The high quality fiber optic allows travelling of high speed internet data to long distances. The vision of Gigatel is to provide customer satisfaction while doing.their important work on internet and hence they have designed the data carrying infrastructure with best of network engineers. All is well that ends well and the best Internet service is that which gives us quality speed at affordable prices.Hence, I want to try my hands on Gigatel and then make my opinion and suggest the readers also go for Gigatel Test drive.

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