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Hathway Broadband

Talking about Hathway, what reflects in our man is the Satellite TV channel but many of us are now aware of Hathway Broadband. Hathway provides lightening fast cable internet speed in 21 cities of India and one of largest internet service providers in India.The promoters of Hathway are the Raheja group and companies vision is to bring entertainment, information and provide customer satisfaction in an affordable manner. Hathway has been providingncable TV services to about 140 cities in India.Hathway holds pan India licence for providing Internet service and is the first cable TV services provider to enter in field of Internet broadband service.It has also won.awards like the best MSO by the Indian Telly awards for quality TV and broadband services 9 times.In terms of market share, Hathway covers approximately 1.4 million homes for two way Broadband enabled homes and constitutes about 52% of the total subscribers strength in India.This shows the growing trust of customers in the company.
Hathway Broadband plans are actually fast
The user reviews are also good with the 50 MBPS plan where customers are habitual of getting their work at faster speed and hence can't wait for other works like hair cutting saloon and ask the barber 'thoda jaldi nahi Ho sakta? So, after the hathway experience, the person just can't wait.Besides Cable TV and broadband, Hathway also offers 24 hours non-stop Hindi music channel.and various local channels also.In terms of broadband,  there is home broadband and business broadband.Moreover,after subscribing for any Hathway Broadband plans, you get free wi-fi router with zero installation charges and no monthly rentals. Hence, this seems to be a winning point for Hathway Broadband. Few home broadband plans are discussed below: 
1. HD Elite plan - In this plan, the speed is 50 mbps till Fair usage policy and after the data limit of 50 GB, the speed will be 2 mbps. The subscription charges here are 3 monthly Rs 2549/- , 6 monthly Rs 4949/- and yearly is Rs 9349/-
2. HD3 Stream - Speed is 50 MBPS till FUP and after data limit of 100 Mbps, the speed is 2 mbps. Subscription charges are 3 monthly Rs 2999/-, 6 monthly Rs 5699/- and yearly is Rs 10999/-
3.HD Bliss-  Speed is 50MBPS till FUP and after 150 GB, speed becomes 3mbps. Charges are 3 monthly Rs 3899/-, 6 monthly 7599/- and yearly is Rs 14,299/-
4.HD4 Stream-  Speed is 50 mbps till fup and after 200 GB Data limit, speed is 3mbps.Subscription charges are 3 monthly-4499/-, 6 monthly Rs8599/- and yearly is Rs 16,499/-
5. Infinite plan-  This one is infinite data at rate of 2 Mbps speed and fup here is not applicable. So, subscription charges for unlimited plan 3 monthly is Rs 2399/-,6 monthly is Rs.4699/- and yearly is Rs.8799/-.
Hence, as we see above, the average monthly fees goes down as we subscribe for yearly plans which looks similar to advantages of economies of scale.Moreover, above cost is exclusive of taxes and installation charges are extra as applicable
Apart from the above mentioned,Hathway has dedicated fiber broadband services for Business users such as BPO, MNC's,call centers and other companies.There are mainly two connectivity optionsas mentioned below:
Fiber Internet services  and
Multi Office connectivity
Hence,there are other attractive plans from Hathway for home.users as well like the Superclass 50 mbps and the new HD4 advanced 50 mbps plan where users get advantage of yearmy subscription as.getting up to 1500 GB Data usage limit at speed of 50 mbps and after fup, getting speed of 8 mbps on payment of Rs 65999/- So folks, Hathway is always trustworthy and.a.good combo deal for you if you want to subscribe for cable TV as broadband.So,give a  call to Hathway customer care today for testing the service quality.


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