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Jio Prime Members will get 2 GB data daily on purchase of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8plus

So Folks, There are more reasons to smile if you are a Jio Prime Member and had already planned to purchase the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus phone.Hence, the Jio customer’s who’ll buy the above mentioned phone’s from Samsung will be eligible for 448 GB 4B data (2GB daily limit) once they recharge for Rs 309 monthly. 
Offer only for Jio Prime Users
An important point worth mentioning here is that the above mentioned offer is only for the Jio Prime Members and the Non Prime Members won’t be able to avail the benefit. Just to recall here, the Samsung Galay S8 and S8 Plus were launched last Wednesday and are available at a price of Rs 57,900 and Rs 64,900 respectively.
Offer to benefit both Samsung and Jio
Although Jio is popular in itself and it’s offers had already made the company earn a huge amount of revenue, these type of mutual offers will surely benefit the leading Smartphone manufacturer also in the long run as well. Moreover, more customer’s would be eager to know about the offer and the customer’s who were planning to buy premium smartphones from other companies may also change their mind and go for Samsung Galaxy S8 series.
Jio was also recently in news for it’s De Dhana Dhan offer in which 3 months (28 x 3 = 72 days) of free services to both Non Prime and Prime users but in that case, 1 GB 4G data per day will be allowed to Jio Prime Members. 
A Thought about the Offer 
The above mentioned offer from Jio seems to be really nice one but I would suggest the customer’s to make sure the details before going for the deal. As the price of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus is a fair amount both above Rs 50,000/-. Hence, the buyer’s should check the phone details and whether they actually do need 2 GB of data per day from Jio. Making decision in a hurry is not a good idea and by no means, I want to hold back the customer’s from buying the above mentioned premium phones just because of the Jio Offer. I just want to put forward a piece of advice for clarifying the details both from Jio and Samsung so that we get a fair return after investing the hard earned money. 
When competition comes as a Blessing
Healthy competition has always been a boon for the customer’s and we can see that in the Indian Telecom Industry where days are long gone when people were calculating the call rate while talking over the phone. We can soon expect a roaming free India along with Digital India. A collaboration like the one here between Jio and Samsung will benefit both the big Corporate Houses by working in tandem. Moreover, we can expect to see more such deals in the near future.

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