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LTE Technology


We had been hearing a lot bout 4G and LTE kind of things related to Mobile and Internet but most of us from non technical background are not clear about it’s meaning. Well, LTE actually means Long Term Evolution and speaking in layman terms, the technology is a great deal of improvement in Internet Speed and Data communications. LTE is actually a standard for high-speed wireless communication for mobile devices and data terminals, based on the GSM/EDGE and UMTS/HSPA technologies. Hence, LTE Technically helps in greater speed and carrying huge amount of data with help of radio interface and improvement in core network. With rapid increase in the use of Mobile and telecommunications in our everyday lives whether it be personal or professional, there was need for more speed and greater capacity for carrying data at higher speeds. So, 3G needed an upgrade and hence, LTE (4G Wireless communications standard was developed by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) which increased the speed upto 10 times above 3G networks for mobile devices like notebooks, tablets, smartphones and wireless hotspots. 3GPP is actually a group of 7 telecom networks around the world and a combined project aimed at developing globally acceptable specifications for 3G mobile systems. Hence, basically 3GPP aims to provide best possible solutions while improving performances and quality in the Telecom Sector.

Various advantages of LTE Technology
  1. LTE network is a dedicated platform for packet switched networks and hence, it supports high speed VOIP calls.
  2. As LTE supports MIMO(Multiple Input and Multiple Output), higher data rate can be achieved. In MIMO technology, we can work at faster speed as tasks are carried out simultaneously.
  3. Usage of SC-FDMA in the uplink results in low power consumption during data transmission and hence leading to longer battery life.
  4. As different people are connected on LTE Network leading to higher traffic. But with faster downloading speed, connection with network releases faster for each connection and hence,Traffic load reduces on LTE Network.
  1. Usage of OFDMA in the download link helps in efficient utilization of channel resources thereby increasing total user capacity of the LTE.
  2. User experience in enhanced considerably over LTE Networks due to extremely low latency rates. Hence, there is immediate action in response to command given on computer connected to LTE Network. For example, we can very quickly open a browser and download a high bandwidth movie.
  3. Well planned architecture of LTE Network helps in smooth flow of data from one region to other. Hence, data streaming becomes smooth without any interruption of on-going data transfer.
Well, LTE Technology has contributed  lot in doing business online and performing various technical functions smoothly at a greater pace. Moreover, higher versions of LTE such as LTE Advanced will further improve performance of LTE Standard Based Products.
So Folks, while 4G is a technology that is upgrade from 3G and it lead to improvement internet speed and helping us work at greater pace with more reliable service. The LTE Network is a path through which 4G speed is achieved.

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