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Local Cable Opertor Vs DTH

I still remember the time as a kid in India when people used to wait for Friday’s, Saturday and Sunday’s to watch their favourite program’s like Chitrahar (Album of Movie Song’s and their favourite feature film on National Channel Doordarshan. There used to be only one channel and that too was not relayed 24 hours. Over the last couple of decades, there came a revolution in the Indian Media Industry with the entering of cable TV, Internet and DTH. Nowadays, if we want to see a clip of any of our favourite movies or TV program, we just need to open and search for the respective movie or serial name. Thanks to the Google Era. Well, here in this article, we’ll mainly be discussing about today’s customer’s choosing between Local Cable Operator’s and Direct-To-Home Set Top Boxes for their share of TV entertainment . 

What is the main difference between Local Cable Operator and DTH ?
Talking in Laymen terms, if I want to see the various popular programs being telecast on Sony, Star Plus or Colours ( most famous channels these days), I need to walk to the nearest service provider or call them and they’ll send a representative who’ll set up a box (called Set Top Box ) near my TV set and connect a cable into it from the nearest point of connection. For example, from an already existing connection into my neighbour’s house. So, in the case of Local Cable Operator, I am dependent on the Cable Operator for the channel relay in my T.V set while on the other hand, the Direct to Home means the program will be broadcast direct from satellite to a set top box into my home.  Hence, from the above example, we can clearly understand that the DTH relay will be more clear exactly because it is coming directly from satellite. Yes, of course, we need to shell out  few extra bucks in case of DTH but I see a sense of ownership in this case as well. As, I am not dependent on the relay from my Cable Operator and in this case I am the direct customer of the company as in the case of Tata Sky when we see the ad that “Isko laga dala to life Jheenga Lala”

Which one to choose . DTH or Local Cable Operator ?
With the advent of set top boxes, we cannot run more than one TV set with one connection. Hence, although the clarity has increased no doubt, but the cost of running two TV sets has also increased. Hence, the Indian jugaad (trick and idea) of running multiple TV sets within one home has ceased to exist s it was also causing loss to TV channels and Cable Operator companies as well. I remember the time when people used to pay Rs 50/- per month for watching their favourite Kyoki Saas bahu or the Indian Vs Pakistan cricket match at Lord’s cricket ground. Well, nowadays we can get a connection at Rs 150/- per month but we also need to deposit Rs 1000/- as security for Set top box which is refundable at time of removing the connection from the particular cable operator.  Hence, I would suggest to choose between the two after analysing  your requirements and cost wise, there is not much difference and Thank you very much to the ever growing competition. So, depending on your choice of channels that you are watching, you can choose between DTH and Local Cable Operator. Of course, there is larger scope of negotiating with the Local Cable Operator but in that case we are dependant on them and in times  of electricity failure at Operator’s office, we need to wait till power comes back. While if I have DTH like Tata Sky or Airtel Dish TV at my home, I can run my TV by Generator or Inverter whatever I have and watch the climax of my favourite movie or an interesting cricket match. Moreover, another plus point with DTH is recharge as per the usage and while in Local operator, we need to pay month’s charges even when on vacation. Just like paying school fees even when the school’s are closed. Customer service is another important aspect while choosing as we get 24 x 7 customer service with leading multinational companies entering in the field of DTH.

The choice is Your’s
Thank’s for your time in reading my article but once again, I would suggest to take rates from different service provider’s both Local cable operator and DTH service seller’s and then go for the final decision. After you are the best analyst of your need’s and know best how to allocate your expenses.

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