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Machine to Machine (M2M) Communications

Safety in machine to machine communications
With huge advancement in Telecom Sector and minimum human intervention, the risk involved in security breach has also increased and we have seen cyber crime cases in the past. Hence, The Department of Telecommunications in India has come up with the idea and directed bsnl and other network providers to issue 13 digit numbers for machine to machine communication using SimCards.
Currently 10 digit numbers are being for M2M communication just like individual connections and hence the DOT might have considered it more prone to cyber attack and hence the need to make the whole thing more secure. But both 13 digit and 10 digit numbers will exist and new rule will not impact the mobile numbers of current or even future users.
Importance of M2M in India
As fast paced development is going on in India, we need advanced technology based work to save time and money. Moreover, Human efforts can be utilized in other important tasks and this is one reason why Machine to Machine communication is important in India.Moreover, the 5G technology will also enhance the usage of machine to machine interception.Hence, once we have the infrastructure and required devices and platform, efficiently using the machine to machine communication will make Indian cities smarter only.An example of M2M is your car parking in office compound. The sensors on office parking gate barrier will communicate with RFID tag on your car and auto detect the daily parking fee in order to avoid any delay and hence save time.It goes the same way while moving on highway toll barrier.
Training and knowledge for smarter India along with M2M
A complete understanding of a technology will make its utilization easier and safe.Hence, the users need to be aware of misuse of M2M thereby causing loss of money and any other hazards due to unauthorized use of technology. Hence, few basic things like keeping the SIM information confidential and stuff like RFID tags should not be shared with everyone.Hence, before implementing an technology, for example in a company, if employees and management are trained about pros and cons, then it will definitely help in safe usage of the same.
Therefore, you can utilize the M2M communication effectively in your organization and make smarter your functions such as warehouse management and supply chain management etc. Moreover, other areas are traffic management, Toll plaza and other public places like cinema halls, hospitals.Hence, M2M can also be called another name for Internet of things where internet  connection between computing devices enables them to send and receive data.The main thing to take care while using IOT in our daily lives is about security.

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