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Roam1 Vs Matrix International Prepaid SIM Cards

All International travelers need an International SIM Card when traveling abroad for leisure or business purposes. The International SIM card is also the medium for voice/data usage when abroad without burning a hole in your pocket.
We have done a survey and many people carrying their indian number on international roaming and there are people who only want to carry an International SIM card and obviously some who carry both. Indian Mobile network operators have started offering many lucrative offers around International roaming however there are some issues which we found as below:
✓  You don't have visiting Country SIM 
✓  Your peers/family in that Country will need to call you on your International number
✓  You can't book a cab with an International number
✓  Your charges to other International destinations will be expensive
So we found that when traveling abroad, International Prepaid SIM card is best solution as it not only gives you ample of minutes but also data along with a local country specific number.
We then went on to compare International Prepaid SIM card offers/providers in India and found 2 main competitors viz Roam1 and Matrix. Both have been in business for long and have long list of esteemed clients. However on comparing plans, feedback and support we gathered that Roam1 is rationally better than Matrix.
Roam1 has partnered with Telecoms Supermarket India to offer its exclusive deals to TSIN customers and get the best while traveling abroad. 
Check out the best Roam1 Plans below:


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