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Tikona Broadband

Tikona is one name in the internet broadband sector that's presence felt at a good pace. Tikona Infinet limited was founded in 2008 and has headquarters in Mumbai.It's co-founder and CEO is Prakash Bajpai and Tikona is into providing wireless broadband and broadband services.One of the key attractive features of Tikona is it's providing test usage of Internet at prospective  customer's home or office and if you are satisfied with the company's performance, then go ahead and make the deal with Tikona .The ministry of communication, Govt of India has provided class A All India license to Tikona and hence you have government certified broadband service provider. Tikona acquired HCL infinite Ltd in order to expand its operations and went on to become Tikona infinet Ltd. Airtel later acquired the 4 G wing of Tikona in 2017.
Why Tikona is good for you?
Well folks,  the question as to why choose Tikona can be answered that it is government recognized and moreover tried and tested by excellent user reviews.  Tikona has been gas expanding.its customer base and trust of customers just increased with leading player Airtel showing interest in the ISP. Tikona has won customers in top 25 leading cities of India in a span of little less than decade and this shows their consistent performance. customer service is also one area where Tikona has excelled. Here below, we will discuss the various broadband plans from.Tikona citywise: 
Plans for Delhi
1. On payment of Rs 550/- per month, you get 3 MBPS speed and unlimited data
2. On payment of Rs 650/- per month,  the speed is 6 MBPS and unlimited data usage
3. By paying Rs 750/- per month,there is 10 MBPS speed and data unlimited
4. Rs 650/- per month will get you 10 mbps speed but here after using 30 GB of data limit, the speed is reduced to MBPS
5. Rs 550/- per month and  you get 6 MBPS speed but after 45 GB Data limit, speed reduced to 1 MBPS
Plans for Mumbai
1. With Rs 750/- per month plan, the speed is 3 MBPS and unlimited data usage
2. With Rs 950/- per month plan, the speed is 6 mbps and unlimited data usage
3. On payment of Rs 550/- per month, there is 10 MBPS and DUL of 2 GB. After using the data limit,  speed is reduced to 1 MBPS.
4. Rs 650/- per month and 10 MBPS speed.  Here daily usage limit is 3 GB .On a single day, if you exceed 3 GB Data usage, your speed is reduced to 1 MBPS
5.  Rs 750/- per month with 10 MBPS speed and DUL is 4 GB. After that, speed will be 1 mbps
6. Rs 850/- per month with 6 MBPS speed and here after using monthly data limit of 200 GB Data, speed is reduced to 1 MBPS 
 Hence, above discussed plans are only few and there are other plans for Pune, Vadodara,  Varanasi,  Vishakapatnam etc can easily find details on Tikona broadband website.The vision of the company is great and Tikona aims to make India Broadband enabled by applying world class infrastructure and technology.The driving force for Tikona is it's innovative practices and new ideas to develop and deliver useful services to customers. 
What customers say about Tikona?
All is well that ends well and here customers review is key point. Well, there are positive as well as negative reviews about the ISP but majority of users share good reviews about Tikona. Practically speaking, I got a chance to speak with a Tikona user who works as an IT manager in Mumbai and he was actually happy, using Tikona broadband. He and his family are able to watch their favourite TV show without any buffering or video streaming.It is really annoying if you are not able to watch your favourite TV show on Netflix or Hotstar after long day's work. 
Besides Metro cities,  Tikona is quite popular in Tier II cities like Varanasi and Allahabad. Hence, Don't give it a second thought and at least go for test surfing the Tikona Internet. Give the company representatives a call today.

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