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VIP Mobile number - Pros and Cons

Take care before going private on your mobile number
In the middle of Cat and mouse race for success, money and importance, people tend to mistakes which lands them up in trouble leading to loss of money and important time as well. One such mistake happened with son of Delhi businessman's son named Chetan who got a call from fraudsters disguised as Telecom company representatives and offering him a private number. Well, taking in short, Chetan was asked to transfer two installments of Rs 6 Lakhs each and hence, was duped of Rs 12 Lakhs.Hence, later on Chetan later on filed complaint with Police and they are trying to nab the culprits.
How these fraudsters lay the trap?
Well, All that glitters is not Gold and hence these fake callers will tell you attractive things like you are among the lucky selected customers who will get the VVIP number at a low price and blah blah blah.
So the important point here is that you should first of all confirm from the reliable telecom operators that is there any kind of such offer from them.A strong myth is also spread that telecom companies don't offer vip private numbers. This is false news being propagated so that people fall into the fraudsters trap.
Hence,the best way to apply for private number is to approach your telecom subscriber. India's national Telco BSNL offers to sell VIP numbers on it's website and for other's, you can approach their showroom and offices. But a person cannot apply for private or vip number without proper assessment from Police.The verification from Police department will.ensure weather a person genuinely requires the private number or not. The certificate is then provided to the Telecom firm for the process of getting a private number. Moreover, aafter the final approval from telecom ministry, the Telecom firm activates the caller identification restriction facility while charging a monthly fee.In Delhi, one Needs to apply to the special commissioner of the special cell or the police commissioner after which security assessment of the applicant is done.
What is a Private number what is it's requirement?
A Private number is basically a hidden number or masked and does not display on the receiver's screen.Hence it is meant for safety and confidential purposes. The masking of users mobile number by the Telecom Company is called User Identification Restriction.
Who actually require a private number?
The actual requirement of private number is for people working in special departments like the Intelligence department, CBI, Defence, high profile ministers like PM,CM and also people with security threat.
Hence, in case you need to know more details about the benefits of private number and how to obtain it, free to call at our office of Telecomsupermarket.We are always there to assist you and provide all valuable telecom related information. Hence, feel free to contact us and be safe from fraudster and misleading calls.

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