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VoIP Vs Calling Card

The need for cheaper means of  communication grew rapidly with the large scale movement of people around the worod in search of jobs and business purposes. Hence for talking to  near and dear one's there was traditional analog telephone but the call rate was high. Hence,International calling cards came into existence with the advancement in Telecom Sector. With International calling cards,customers were able to save almost up to 90% of their cost on PSTN traditional analog phones. There were various technical reasons for this as call was routed through means of internet and the middle expenses and taxes were reduced.
How calling cards work?
When a customer buys a calling card weather online or directly from seller, they provide a pin ( personal identification number ) to the customer. Now we need to dial the local access number and enter the pin when prompted.After that we need to do all the destination number in the international format code according to country for example if India, it will be 0091 country code and then respective city code and mobile or landline number.The whole process is easy as instructions are mentioned on back side of the calling card as well. Calling cards have been quite popular over last decade but there are certain drawbacks as hidden expenses according to regulatory framework of different countries. Hence as you go for purchasing a calling card make sure if there are any maintenance charges, toll free access charges or any other hidden expenses. Moreover in certain countries making calls trough calling cards is illegal as well because of by passing the country specific telecom regulatory framework.
Which is cheaper for international calling? Voip or calling card.
Now, whether you want to go for calling card or clip services should depend on your requirement.if you are talking every day for atleast 4-5 hours, then voip calling like Skype  is the better option for you.The reason being most telecom companies these days due to fierce competition in Telecom Sector are either providing very low voice call rates or in some cases free voice calling like Jio.But with clip., there are definitely other expenses like specific configuration handset and in some cases router expenses.Moreover sometimes there is data limit Internet plan and hence we need to recharge the internet plan after data limit ends. In case of calling cards, we get certain minutes of talk time and after each call,you will be notified about the remaining balance of minutes.
Hence Voip is a cheaper option but there are certain prerequisites to use it as well. We cannot make clip calls on normal phones. We need to have a computer,laptop,tablet or a android phone or iPhone.on other hand calling cards can be used on any ordinary mobile handset or landline as calling is possible through clip and not calling cards.Internet is not necessary at user's end for making calls through cards but in cooperation, internet is a must.Hence there are certain other factors and most importantly,  we need to understand our requirements for making the choice between voip and calling cards.

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