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What is Digital India and its implications ?

Keeping in mind the importance of Digital Economy for the progress of the country, the BJP government led by Honourabe Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi launched the Digital India campaign. This is to make sure that various Government services are made available to Indian citizens electronically that means here through Internet. The programme had been started to make India and it’s people prepared for the future as  it is very important for a developing economy like India to make efficient utilization of it’s resources like manpower, machinery, time and land space etc.. For this we need to do things in  way which is not much time consuming and economical. For example, about 10 years ago, Internet reservation system was not so popular in India. One reason for that being the not so easy availability of Internet facility. Moreover, Indian people, specially senior citizens didn’t trust the e ticket system too much. But over the years, major portion of the population in India go for the Internet reservation system due to it’s convenience and time saving benefits. Moreover, we can also check the Reservation status online with PNR number generated at the time of ticket booking. The same goes for Bus and Air Travel. Hence, the precious time saved here can be utilized for other productive work.

India goes Digital 
In almost all the sectors like Banking, Insurance, Colleges, Universities, Schools, Administration like Police Dept and Municipal Corporations, the work is becoming digital and most of work is being done online. If we want to open a Bank Account, we just need to put a request on the Bank and the representatives will contact us. Although we need to go for verification purpose to the Bank at times but that too is for our own security and benefit. We can check the Insurance policy status online and same way school exam results and Admission counselling dates can be checked on the website. Long Queues for payment of Electricity and telephone bills have become a thing of the past now in India. Well, the list is long and most of our daily household and office work can be managed online and this shows signs of India becoming digital.
Impact of Digital India
Although there are huge benefits of India becoming digital and technology making things easy for us. But here also, if technology and Internet not being used in the proper way and become accessible to miscreants, can give rise to fraudulent activities. For example, we had been hearing cases of online theft in the past where sometimes fraudsters posing as Bank representatives give people a call and ask for their Bank Account details. Moreover, they can hack (Illegal control) the computer and send threatening emails to someone thereby causing trouble for the Original user. Internet   has no doubt made life easier for people in India from Ordering a Pizza online to Transferring of funds to your dear ones sitting miles away. But at the same time, we need to be very careful about the negative impacts of Internet and Technology.
If on one hand, we can educate the poor through online classes and transfer funds to an NGO online, then we need to take care our children who has access to misleading videos on the Internet. After the 4G revolution, Internet and Voicemail can be found in abundance in our country. But like an immature driver needs a mentor at his side, the same way we need to take care of our fellow citizens that they don’t get carried away by Digital India frenzy.
Spreading Awareness about Digital India 
Starting a campaign is easier than managing the whole project. After all, many simple rural people would not still be aware about being Digital and Internet. Moreover, India is a huge huge country with vast number of villages. Hence, the responsibility can be shared by Internet service providers in rural areas to educate the people who don’t know about benefits of Digital India. How they can do transactions online and save themselves from getting in trap of fraudsters.
Moreover, as children are the future of any country, hence involving school children in the campaign will also work out things. Well, we also need to do our part in making this Digital India campaign a huge success.

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