Will iPhone users face shutdown by telcos
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Will iPhone users face shutdown by telcos

It is really interesting and surprising to see the Who’s Who of the Telecom Industry at times. The Cold wars do keep taking place between leading Telecom companies and Governing authorities but both of them are right at their own places. The latest issue being the access to phone data including messages of iPhone users in India. The unwanted calls and Pesky messages from Companies promoting their products and services has since long been a nuisance in our country. Because of this reason, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India  has already installed an app on Google Play Store through which users can register for ‘Do Not Distrurb’ an option which saves users from unwanted calls and promotional messages and telemarketing companies are strictly required to obey the DND feature.
So What’s the issue ?
The main conflict which arises here is that while TRAI wants Apple to Install the DND App in it’s iphones, but Apple doesn’t allow third-party apps to access calls and messaging data of it’s users considering it violation of it’s users privacy.
What action could be taken by TRAI ?
Amid the ongoing tussle between Apple and the Indian Regulator, TRAI has made it’s intentions very clear and instructed Telecom companies to shut down their service for iPhone users if Apple doesn’t comply by Installing the DND App.
What is Apple doing to solve the issue?
While Apple wants to protect the privacy of it’s customers , it has made slight changes in it’s operating system and gradually allowing third party applications to plug in to the calling and messaging systems in a limited way with Callkit in iOS 10 and SMS filtering in iOS 11 and iOS12. Moreover, the latest awaited version of Apple’s OS is expected to include feature for reporting unwanted calls and text messages from within the operating System.
Hence, we can expect the issue to settle down if the new Apple Operating System makes it possible to report pesky calls and messages from within Apple iPhones but whether the TRAI is ready to wait and give time to former is another question which arises. Well folks, till then we can expect things to be sorted out peacefully and the customer’s don’t have to suffer and moreover, both of them want the security and satisfaction of end customer.

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