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You Broadband

Headquartered in Mumbai and started in year 2001 by British Gas as Iqara broadband is now the subsidiary of Vodafone and known as ' you broadband' is one of the best Internet service providers in India. We can avail speed up to 100 mbps with You Broadband and can subscribe for their plan online for availing discount offers. You broadband have their own customized apps for Quality customer service and real time tech support,  online bill payment, getting new connection and upgrading to new plan from existing ones. Hence, we can get connected with you broadband from comfort of our homes at a click of a mouse or touch at our smartphone.  You broadband provides high speed internet in 18 cities through high quality infrastructure and trying to expand its wings fast to other Indian cities as well. You broadband invested heavily by laying down 3000 km of fibre optic cable and 17000 km last mile coaxiAllahafiz cable in all its cities of operation. Hence state of the art platform From you broadband facilitates delivery of high speed internet to its customers.
High Speed Internet to Residential, corporate and sme customers
You provides high speed internet to corporate customers through dedicated leased line and enabling them to send huge amount of data at fast speed up to 100 mbps. In fact you broad band is the first internet service provider to give speed up to 100 mbps.Well heard anything faster than light and sound? We can see the humorous Rajnikanth advertisement on you tube regarding You broadband speed faster than light But on serious note,  according to user reviews, YouTube has passed it's speed test regarding downloading and over the top performance in voip as well.It is also one of few companies offering triple play services that means through one connection,we can.access broadband, watch videos and make voice calls through VoIP.You also have an attracting offer while downiloading you broadband app and on first login you.get 5 GB/ day extra based on your plan. 
The broadband plans from You are different according to different cities and we'll be discussing here few of them as mentioned below: 
You Superjet 100* * (Ahmedabad)
Data limit is 720 GB at speed of 100 mbps. Validity 180 days at cost of Rs 4771
YOU TROPICAL** (Ahmedabad) 
Unlimited data usages at speed of 4 mbps. Validity 180 days at cost Rs 4001
Supernet 60* *  (Aurangabad)
Data limit is 50 GB at speed of 60 mbps. Validity 30 days at cost of Rs 667 
You Superjet 100** (Bangalore)
Data 1024 GB at speed of 100 mbps. Validity is 30 days at Rs 1784
You Superjet 100** (Chennai)
Data limit is 1000 GB at speed of 100 mbps valid for 90 days.The plan fees is Rs 2999
You Superjet 15** (Gurgaon)
This is unlimited data plan with speed upto 15 mbps. The validuty is 30 days at fees of Rs 1025

You Superjet 100** (Hyderabad)
The Data limit is 1000 GB at speed of 100 mbps .The plan is valid for 90 days at plan fees of Rs 2277 
Apart from above mentioned offers,  there are various attractive broadband plans in other cities as well like Mumbai, Vishakhapatnam and Gujarat etc.Moreover, in some plans we get more data and in some, we get more speed.So, it depends upon the customers requirements. For our city, we can easily get the details by filling up the form at and the company representatives will get in touch with us. I've been saying this.again and again that folks, don't believe anyone and give the service a try yourself. After all, the hands on experience is the best judge. So, if you are looking.for high speed broadband with minimum or negligible slowdown of internet speed at affordable prices,  then the You broadband is perfect choice for You.


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