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Wi-Fi - Wireless


ADSL - Assymetric DIgital Subscriber line (Also known as Broadband)


ISDN2 - Integrated Services Digital Network


PSTN - Public Switch Telephony network


FTTC - Fibre to the cabinet


FTTH - Fibre to the Home


Mbps - Megabyt per second (Used to measure speed)


GB - Gigabyte (Used to measure Usage)


EPABX -  Electronic Private Auatomatic Branch Exchange


PBX - Private Branch Exchange


VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol


IPLC - International Private leased circuit


GSM - Global system for mobile communications


DTH - Direct to Home


3G - Third Generation (Type of Mobile communication standard)


4G - Fourth Generation (Type of Mobile communication standard)


5G - Fifth Generation (Type of Mobile communication standard)


SMS - Short message service 


DSL - Digital subscriber line


PRI - Primary rate interface (type of phone line)


BRI - Binary rate interface (type of phone line)


LAN - Local area network


WAN - Wide area network


SAN - Storage area network 


Internet leased line - Dedicated Internet connection


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