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Excitel Broadband

Amongst variety ISPs claiming to be high speed ans reliable Internet Service providers, it is difficult to choose the correct Telecom service vendor.  In this article also. we will be talking about Excitel, an ISP which provides unlimited data plans including voice and video calls at affordable rates. The core network design team for excitedly is from Europe and this gives it an edge over other service providers.The team is expert and has in depth knowledge about laying flawless Internet infrastructure for world class internet speed and connectivity.
0 hidden costs and Money back guarantee
The best thing.about Excitel for you as a user is no money will be deducted from your. returned subscription fees for first month in case you are not satisfied with the broadband plan. Now, this seems interesting as some companies do claim to return money but only after deducting certain hidden costs an taxes etc. Moreover, taking.about hidden.expenses,  Excitel also talks about it being transparent while charging from its customers which means there are no hidden costs. So, keep an eye on this point as well while making a deal with them.
Get discount on promotional offers till 31st October 2017
Well, if your have already made up your mind for subscribing to Excitel broadband plan, then we will discuss their main promotional offers here for you: 
For Noida and Ghaziabad(Rs 200 discount on all plans till 30th September 2017)
Rs 495 plan- In this plan, users will get unlimited data at speed of 50 Mbps on payment of Rs 495 after Rs 200 discount inclusive of all taxes. Hence, this plan after 30.09.2017 will cost Rs 695/-
Rs 645  plan- In this plan, users unlimited data at 75 MBPS on payment of Rs 645 after Rs 200 discount
including taxes.Hence, after 30.09.2017, the plan will cost Rs 845/-
Rs 795 plan-  Here we get 100 MBPS speed at cost of Rs 795. Hence, go for it before 30.09.2017 in order to save Rs 200/- The original cost is Rs 995/-
Moreover, there are no cable installation charges and hence installation is free.
For Hyderabad ( Rs 150 discount on all plans till 31st October 2017)
Rs 695 Plan is available.after discount at price of Rs 545 for users in Hyderabad and speed in this 50 mbps
Rs 845 Plan.can be subscribed at price of Rs 695 and speed will be 75 MBPS
Rs 995 Plan is available at price of Rs 845 and speed is 100 mbps
An important point worth mentioning here is that above plan offers are valid for Hyderabad till 31.10.2017 only. The company might extend the offer but not confirmed till now.
For Delhi (No discounts known at time of.writing this article)
For Delhiites, there are three plans as mentioned below:
Moreover for Delhi customers, there are cable installation charges up to Rs 500/-.
Also, the above mentioned data plan.charges are exclusive of taxes. 
Hence, we can see the Excitel broadband plans in mainly three areas and customers can.actually form their opinion about the Excitel broadband performance by using it themselves.  As I 've been writing this point in my.articles that we should test the service performance ourselves. As the company claims about running their ultra high speed internet on thousands of kilometers of dark fiber, we can subscribe to their plans as per our city and feel hands on experience.  You can also return the money in case not satisfied with speed or connectivity.There is also unlimited data for single household and also no fair usage policy. Excitel Is also expanding rapidly and claims to be providing service to 1,50,000 households.

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