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Cost cutting for your organization is the other name for PBX. Now PBX is also known as Private Branch Exchange. At the inception of Telephone systems in India,the businesses needed to invest a great deal of capital in conneciting each telephone system within the company with external telephone operator company. Hence, there was.need for technology by which the organisation could save money which.could be utilized for other business purposes.
What is Epabx technically?
Speaking in technical terms, Epabx enables automatic switching of calls between internal telephones in an organization. For example, you call a customers service desk no.and you are asked.to choose from option 1.Sales Enquiry 2. Repair 3. Speaking to customer service rep and hence.you choose your respective option and your phone line is switched  automatically to the concerned person's telephone in the company.
Choosing the correct EPABX system for your office?
Now, having decided to go for implementing the EPABX system in your office, you need to keep in mind the following features: 
1. Selected outgoing calls: We need to keep a check on outgoing calls otherwise the whole purpose OS cost cutting goes in vain.Hence your selected Epabx system should include selective outgoing call feature. particularly at the security gate of office where making outgoing calls is not feasible.

2. Voicemail feature: This feature will be found in advanced PBX system but is gaining popularity these days. The best part here is that you can leave a voice message even if the recipient person is not available and also helps save the time in making the call again. The voice message gets recorded and the receiver can hear the message once they reach the phone set.
3.Call forwarding feature: This feature enables transferring the call to the concerned person. For example, a call.coming from outside the company for Mr X reaches Mr.Y's work station but Mr. Y can transfer the call to Mr X. Workstation by keying the required extension number.Hence, a lot of time is saved in redialling to Mr.X's work station.

4.Call Accounting: Ethically,the office phone should be used for office calls only.Hence, this call accounting feature of epabx system helps the management keep a check on dishonest employees from making personal calls at office expense.

5. Conference Calling: The feature enables 3 or more users to do conference call simultaneously.There could be 2 outside users and 1 from inside. All 3 users could also be from within the organization.It is also possible to engage 2 users from outside and more within the organization if 5 or more exchange lines are connected.
Hence, Epabx has become an important tool in today's business environment for saving precious time and money.Moreover,the same resources can be utilized in an optimum way for increasing organization's profit. Telecom Supermarket helps you compare and choose the best epabx system suitable for your business requirements. We believe in providing you the best solution for your business.

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